Horses and woodlands have a long history and relationship together, in the past most of our timber for ship and house building was pulled out of the woodlands by these gentle giants.

Having been through a mechanical and technological phase of large scale forest/woodland management, there is now a resurgence and interest in the use of working horses within our woodlands again.

They are especially suited to environmentally sensitive sites because of the low impact they have on the forest floor whilst extracting timber. They are also able to extract from sites with difficult terrain, such as the steeply sloping areas in some parts of Courage Copse. Unlike machinery, horses can access all areas of a woodland, if a person can get to the tree needing to be felled then the horse can get there too!

Most of our larger section timber is brought out of the woodland using horses. We have chosen to use horses not just because they are beautiful creatures but also because of the minimal impact they have on the delicate forest floor. This is of particular significance when restoring an ancient woodland site.

Our Horse Logging Experience Days are a perfect way to start your journey on the horse logging path whether just out of interest or because of wanting to pursue it as a career.



Price Freeze – Held at 2015 prices!

Forthcoming courses for 2016.

All of our courses are led by Kate Mobbs-Morgan from Rowan Working Horses and her lovely Ardennes, Kipp and Sol.

Sensible footwear and clothing advised.


These courses are open to those with or without experience. Or anyone that just wants to have a go! There are two options for this weekend:

Option 1: Come along for the Saturday only for £100 per person including lunch etc…

Option 2: Do both days, with the second day really expanding your experience.

£160 per person including lunch etc…

Saturday – Introduction to Horse Logging During the day participants will have the chance to experience ‘skidding’, dragging a piece of timber with a swingle tree, and using a ‘timber arch’ all in a genuine working woodland environment. You will also learn about the various types of harness and tack associated with working and logging horses.

Sunday – Developing Skills This day is a chance to practise your skills and develop them further by moving onto more testing situations. Places are limited so please book well in advance.

Example Itinerary

Basic structure of the day

  • 09:45 – Arrive for a 10:00 start.
  • 10:00 – Introductions with a cuppa. Meet the horses.Tacking up and preparing horses for the days work.
  • 11:00 – Moving to logging site.
  • 13:00 – Lunch, refreshments and conversation around the camp fire. Homemade food provided.
  • 14:00 – Back to work!
  • 15:30 – Return to the yard to untack, feed and water the horses. Tea/Coffee. Any questions………
  • 16:00 – ish ! End of day.