Autumn at Courage Copse

Autumn may seem like an odd time of year to begin a new project, when animals are getting ready to hibernate and the trees are starting to lose their leaves. Autumn, however, is the start of the academic year and in the old Celtic calendar the end of October was considered New Year. More importantly for us autumn marks the start of the Woodland Year.

So, in fact, now seems like a perfect time to launch our new website, on –line shop and regular blog spot!

With the leaves falling and the trees entering their dormant phase, felling season starts. Over the winter months we will be harvesting the material that will become our BBQ charcoal and bioChar for next year and firewood for the year after. As the evenings draw in it is also an ideal time to re-assess, plan and shape our on-going restoration project for Courage Copse.

Plus with all the lovely coloured leaves on the ground autumn is a great time to get outside and have some fun. See some fab ideas.


At ‘Forest Fun’ this weekend – (as part of our out-reach programme I run a forest school session for the Under 5’s at South Molton Community Woodland) – I asked the children what was happening to the trees. One little boy answered ‘They are breaking’. At forest school, amongst other things, the children learn to identify the different trees and to notice the changing seasons. A simple enough task it would seem but according to an article in the i daily last week on 2nd October, research conducted found that only 1% of children could identify the 5 common UK trees; oak, ash, birch, horse chestnut and beech. Can you?

By being able to name our common trees we begin to build a relationship with them, which in turn fosters a desire to protect them. This is why education has a vital role to play in our work at Courage Copse not only our continuing education but also wanting to share our growing knowledge with others too. I am hoping our blog will be part of that process.