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Pure bioChar

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What is Pure bioChar?

To put it simply Pure bioChar is charcoal that has been crushed to 12mm2 or less and added to the soil as an improver.

Biochar can be made from any organic material however ours is made from softwood thinnings from our sustainable management plan approved by the Forestry Commission England and we are licensed under the Grown in Britain scheme.

The bioChar is made in a large steel ring kiln in the same way as our top quality BBQ charcoal. This high quality charcoal is then crushed, graded, packaged and ready to be used as bioChar.

CCC’s Pure bioChar is a totally natural product with no artificial fertilizers added, it is very important to us that all our Pure bioChar is 100% grown and produced in our woodland so our customers can be guaranteed a product that is local and sustainable as well as good quality with clear traceability and provenance. It is also carbon negative!

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Product Description

Good for the Environment

As trees grow they absorb Co2 from the atmosphere. Converting wood into Pure bioChar and digging it into the soil locks it away as carbon. Under normal circumstances when wood rots or is burnt the carbon is released back into the atmosphere i.e. carbon neutral. Using Pure bioChar helps the environment by allowing carbon to be almost permanently removed from the atmosphere i.e. carbon negative. Biochar is extremely stable and will keep carbon locked away for many thousands of years.

The technique of using charcoal to improve soil is the ‘new old science!’ Pockets of very dark fertile soil called Terra Preta, meaning black earth, have been found in the Amazon, an area generally known for its infertile soils. Terra Preta is hundreds to thousands of years old and still retains its nutrients and carbon. It is believed indigenous Amazonians created it by incorporating charcoal into the soil at least 2500 years ago.

How does it work?

Biochar is charcoal, which is basically carbon. The carbon within biochar forms very strong bonds that do not rot or breakdown easily, making it extremely long lasting. Biochar particles have an extremely high surface area at the microscopic level and act like a sponge, being hydroscopic, soaking up many of the nutrients and moisture in the surrounding compost or soil, locking them away to be slowly released as the plants need them. Thus, preventing the nutrients from being leached out by watering or rainfall. The sponge like structure also provides homes to beneficial micro-organisms and fungi.

What is also great, because Pure bioChar doesn’t rot, its benefits do not diminish but accumulate!

Simple to Use

We have purposely made our pack sizes convenient to use. Simply add the corresponding pack to the correct size of compost bag or volume of your own compost that is stated on each pack. Mix. Leave for a week or so. And then use.

The control is in your hands to adjust the nutrients you want to add for your particular needs because we know all gardeners have their favourite recipe for growing success! Pure bioChar is the perfect gardener’s companion.


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