3C’s Heritage Project

3C’s Heritage Project

Coppice, Charcoal and Creativity

Learning about Heritage crafts in action and through participation

  • Coppice the timber
  • To make the Charcoal
  • To be able to Create a work of art!

The 3C’s project was delivered in partnership with The Silvanus Trust and made possible through funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund. The original project was delivered to 6 local primary schools; Brayford, Forches Cross, Pathfields, Pilton Blue Coats, Umberleigh and Yeo Valley in spring 2015. A total of 137 pupils took part in each of the three workshops.

The heritage focus of the project was firstly to learn about the historical context for the heritage crafts, coppicing and charcoal making, and secondly to learn about their modern day application through participation and skill sharing. The children learnt why it’s important that our ancient woodlands are restored and preserved and the historic role people have played in shaping and managing our forests.

During the project each school took part in three workshops, one a month for three months. During the workshops the children coppiced willow and hazel and used the material they have harvested to make mini hurdles and free-form weaving. In the second workshop the children helped load a charcoal kiln, learnt about fire making as well as using some of the willow they had previously harvested to make artist charcoal. The children returned to Courage Copse for a third workshop where they used the charcoal they’d made to work with artist Jo Bushell for a charcoal drawing and painting session. An exhibition in June 2015 at St Anne’s Art and Community Centre, Barnstaple brought together the work of the pupils from all 6 schools as well as images of the children at work.

A learning pack to accompany the workshops can be downloaded here.

The Learning pack can also be used as a stand alone educational resource providing inspiration for activities to support the curriculum including Forest School, design and technology, art and living history. The pack places the activities within their historical and cultural context as well providing details of what happened in each session and suggested follow-on activities.

If you are interested in your school or community group having a 3C’s workshop(s) there are a couple of options;

Option 1

1 full day workshop based around the original idea of coppicing, charcoal and creativity but tailored to your needs/interests.

Cost: £10 per child with a minimum charge of £200.

Max. number of children 30.

Option 2

3 x ½ day workshops like the original project.

Cost: £25 per child with a minimum charge of £500

Max. number of children per workshop = 30