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At Courage Copse Creatives we welcome your help and support in restoring part of North Devon’s natural heritage by restoring Courage Copse back from a plantation to its native ancient woodland state.

There are several ways you can help;

Donate your time

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Please note due to insurance constraints we can only accept individuals who have completed and passed their CS30 or CS31 to be able use a chainsaw while on site. Also for any other machine operations the operator will need to show a current and relevant training certificate.

Donate items

We are often on the lookout for certain items to help progress work here at the woods.

We are currently looking for;

  • Heritage species of apple, pear and mazzard trees to plant in the new orchard area.
  • Traditional Devon shovels x 2
  • Large butler sinks x 2
  • Large Dumpy bags with no holes or rips in them
  • Quick release cable ties (seem to go through loads of these! Excellent for setting up temporary shelters and fencing for the hens)

Donate Money

Restoring a woodland is a long term project that requires patience, perseverance and yes that dirty word – money!

At the moment when we run training courses or have school visits we hire in a porta-loo because our own compost toilet just isn’t fit for purpose for the additional numbers. We would like to install, adjacent to the Forestry barn, a self contained waterless compost toilet that is wheelchair friendly.

Any money donated here will be ring fenced for this project.

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