Barbecue Charcoal

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Top Quality Barbecue Charcoal grown and produced in the Taw Valley, North Devon.

Available in 2kg bags

Why buy our charcoal?

  • Grown, harvested and produced in ‘Tarka Country’, in the Taw Valley, North Devon.
  • Sustainably managed as part of an ancient woodland restoration project.
  • Low impact forestry methods are used including timber extraction with horses.
  • Easy to light – no need to use lighter fuel or fire-lighters.
  • No additives, so no food tainting.
  • Ready to cook in 10 minutes.

Product Description

Most of the charcoal used in this country is imported often from environmentally sensitive areas. Imported charcoal is denser than British charcoal taking longer to heat up to the required cooking temperature. It is also harder to light so manufacturers add accelerators to help the process. Our barbecue charcoal is pure with nothing added and comes from the sustainable management of our woodland where we are bringing neglected coppice back into rotation.

It is very important to us that all our products are 100% grown and produced in the Taw Valley so our customers can be guaranteed a product that is local and sustainable as well as good quality with clear traceability and provenance.

By buying our charcoal you are helping with the restoration of an ancient North Devon Woodland.

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg