Ode to the Ash Tree Poetry Project

Ode to the Ash Tree Poetry Project

Ode to The Ash Tree Poetry Project Promotional Film from Courage Copse Creatives CIC on Vimeo.

If you walk or drive around South Molton and North Devon, or indeed most places in England, you will see Ash trees everywhere! They are in the hedgerows, our parks, gardens and woodlands. You may also have heard there is a disease, Ash Die-back, that is affecting them. Scientists are predicting we could lose 80 – 90 % of them.
So, before they disappear, while we still have them, I’d like to honour the Ash Trees. I’d like to give them a good send off.
And I need your help to do that.
I’d like you to submit poems on the theme of ash trees, in any style or format, anything to do with ash. You might want to write about their physical appearance, the myths and folklore that surround them, what the timber is used for. You might like to talk about their weather predicting abilities. Or maybe you want to write about how you feel about them disappearing?

So what are we going to do with your poems?
Well, the long-listed poems will be published in a book (learning from POP to include this in the funding bid 😉)
And the 20 shortlisted poems will be crafted into beautiful films by the talented Jess Pearson from Shimnix Films, who created the beautiful film for Plantation of Poems.
And then in turn these films will be made into an interactive poetry map for the Community Woodland for everyone to enjoy.

So, what are you waiting for?
Get your thinking caps on.
Get your fingers to the keyboard, pens to paper.
We are really looking forward to receiving your wonderful Ash based poems.

Open for submissions from 29th May till 11th July

See below for submission guidelines and the timeline for the Ode to the Ash Tree Poetry Project.