Wood Sisters is the women’s shinrin-yoku group held once a fortnight at Courage Copse. Wood Sisters is a place for women to gather in a safe privately owned woodland, outside in all the glorious elements!

No distractions.

No dog-walkers.

Just peace and tranquility.

During the 2-hour session time will be made for nature connection, natural mindfulness & sharing.

                      We will connect with Nature.

                                                     Connect with each other.

                                                                 And connect with ourselves.

                  Being in Nature will help us to access our authentic selves.

We are all made of Story.

By listening to each other we can weave our words together and maybe hear the wisdom contained within them.

Wednesdays (Fortnightly) 6pm-8pm,

£6- 10 per session (pay what you can)